I love these people! I love these images! I love this couple ! I love these kids !

MJ's Family Portraits Final Color-1
Sometimes, (and this is why I do what I do)… sometimes you meet people who just capture your heart. Their chaos matches your chaos and you can laugh and talk about anything. You can vent or you can boast, and you just get each other.

That’s MJ. I met MJ when I did an amazing Boudoir shoot for her.


We had so much fun she hired me again to do her family portraits. It was flattering, but it was also so touching. So not only have I seen MJ nudies… I’m also getting to know her as a really great friend.

MJ's Family Portraits Final Color-7


We did the shoot at Main Street Station in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Check out how awesome these images are!

The expressions, the sass, the gestures…

you can’t help but smile when you look at them.

On a personal note: MJ – Thank you so much for giving me the gift of getting to know you and your family. Thank you even more for being a mom who wants to get out and let her hair down once in awhile! I look forward to getting to know you more, toasting more drinks, and getting the families together !

(FYI for the folks who read this far – MJ asked me to get out of the damn house this past weekend and we had an awesome time at the Broadberry watching NO BS! Brass but that’s a blog post for another day!)

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