Bridal Photography Session

This weeks Bridal Photography spotlight is on Jackie G.

I have been waiting very impatiently for their wedding to get here so I can post the images of this beautiful bride. You better be freakin excited to see them! ! !

FINALLY! I can show you how GORGEOUS she is! (I’m getting chills as I write this!)

Take a peak at this. Are you getting excited with me?

Those blue eyes overtake the sky in this image! She’s got a way of being adorable and classy. Fun and Elegant.

Bride peeking over her bouquet with a city landscape background.
Peek-A-Boo Bride

It was May. It had been hot and rainy for most of the month. We opted to do her shoot indoors at Main Street Train Station in Richmond, VA. Have you been there? It really should be on your bucket list for 2017. The architecture, the craftsmanship, and even the smell is nostalgic.

Look at how the historic touches and vintage decor add beauty to this already beautiful bride!

This image right below is one of my favorites. Jackie’s stance and expression give an air of poise and grace. The rich colors draw me in. I want to hang this in MY living room!

Bride leaning against marble mantle of a fireplace.
Bride with Poise and Grace
Black and white image of a bride framed in front of a doorway with patterned arches in the background
An Amazing Entry
Bride looking at her bouquet while seated at a marble top table.
Vintage Misty Haze

Why do a Bridal Photography Shoot?

~ What better way to wear your dress more than once?

~ What better way to feel like a princess for just one more day?

~ It’s a time for you and your photographer to really get to know each other.

~ And most importantly, you get to TEST YOUR DRESS

I learned about Jackie’s family. I learned about her work. We shared laughs and common interests.

I also learned this is her best side.

Side view of bride. Profile with strong vignette
This bride to be let me know this was her best side

And below…, she says, this is not her best side. (Although I think she’s alluring either way.)

Bride looks out the train station window. Her reflection can be seen in the glass.
Contemplative Gaze – her special day is almost here.

As a result of this photography session, I learned she loves her wedding shoes which are Toms.  Thus, I learned I needed to photoshop the logo out.

Bridal Photography Session. Make sure to check your images carefully. Here I had to photoshop the logo gently off the bottom of her shoes.


A major reason to have a bridal photography session is to TEST YOUR DRESS.

The photography session will be approximately 1.5 to 3 hours.  This gives you ample time to wear your dress for a hot minute. You’ll get an idea if your dress needs adjustments, if you can dance in it, if it rubs funny, or if you should be wearing some power-house undergarments. (#iheartspanx)

Every time I photograph a soon-to-be bride, I wish every woman would do one. It’s a moment to really cherish. This is the dress you will wear when two become one.

It’s powerful.

Now take a moment to view the entire gallery HERE.

You’ll see why you should CONTACT ME to book your bridal photography shoot.