Your Life in your Photography Business

Bloggers say Nay Nay.

Everything I read tells me how I am not supposed to include my personal life into my business blog posts. The posts should be strictly photography related on all fronts.

♥   Weddings   ♥   Events   ♥   Portraits   ♥   Boudoir   ♥

My life isn’t just photography.

…of weddings, events, portraits, and boudoir.

I have a passion for photography. I also have a passion for these two crazies I am raising whom I refer to as my #AwesomeChaos. Why can’t I include them? What the heck else am I supposed to talk about on days that don’t include lens flare and sunshine? Days where I woke up, couldn’t find my sons shoes, spilled chicken salad inside my purse, and got to work 32 minutes late….only to find the chicken salad that I had spilled inside my purse has drenched a rotten banana, from what appears to be, 5 months ago. (I shall downsize my purse options from here.)





That’s my life. I’m a single mom running around with the #AwesomeChaos. I work full-time, run my photography business, am going to school for my masters, AND provide care, concern, and crazy to my #AwesomeChaos.

My Life lens would show you this.

My two kids walking

With that being said, let’s talk about the #AwesomeChaos.

Chaotic Awesomeness Number 1 is six years old. – She is also my posing princess, continually supplying me with ideas for portraits.


Chaotic Awesomeness Number 2 is three years old. – He’s calm, collected, and so sweet… until you take his photo.  Then this happens…


Both supply an endless amount of smiles, laughter, and warmth sprinkled with a tantrum over whose frozen banana is whose.

How about this: Powers That Be Of Blogs…

How about I’m thinking outside the box and you’re wrong?

So from now on. You’ll enjoy my professional photography, smashed into the tab Barely A Blog, with my #AwesomeChaos.

I hope you enjoy my photography and my days filled with crazy as much as I do.




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