Your Life in your Photography Business

Bloggers say Nay Nay.

Everything I read tells me how I am not supposed to include my personal life into my business blog posts. The posts should be strictly photography related on all fronts.

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My life isn’t just photography.

…of weddings, events, portraits, and boudoir.

I have a passion for photography. I also have a passion for these two crazies I am raising whom I refer to as my #AwesomeChaos. Why can’t I include them? What the heck else am I supposed to talk about on days that don’t include lens flare and sunshine? Days where I woke up, couldn’t find my sons shoes, spilled chicken salad inside my purse, and got to work 32 minutes late….only to find the chicken salad that I had spilled inside my purse has drenched a rotten banana, from what appears to be, 5 months ago. (I shall downsize my purse options from here.)





That’s my life. I’m a single mom running around with the #AwesomeChaos. I work full-time, run my photography business, am going to school for my masters, AND provide care, concern, and crazy to my #AwesomeChaos.

My Life lens would show you this.

My two kids walking

With that being said, let’s talk about the #AwesomeChaos.

Chaotic Awesomeness Number 1 is six years old. – She is also my posing princess, continually supplying me with ideas for portraits.


Chaotic Awesomeness Number 2 is three years old. – He’s calm, collected, and so sweet… until you take his photo.  Then this happens…


Both supply an endless amount of smiles, laughter, and warmth sprinkled with a tantrum over whose frozen banana is whose.

How about this: Powers That Be Of Blogs…

How about I’m thinking outside the box and you’re wrong?

So from now on. You’ll enjoy my professional photography, smashed into the tab Barely A Blog, with my #AwesomeChaos.

I hope you enjoy my photography and my days filled with crazy as much as I do.




Action Shots

Action Shots and Anticipation.

Photography requires the ability to anticipate what is going to happen next. A handshake, a high five, tears being wiped away, a snuggly hug, or a holler of excitement… these moments appear and disappear within an instant.

In ten years of photography, I’ve been able to learn how to keep a keen eye on what is going to occur throughout a wedding so these moments are captured for you, forever.

Artistry and Your Vision

As I capture these images, I’m also capturing the look or theme the couples have envisioned.  Notice a rustic scenic park wedding will have a more earthy tonal flair, an outdoor garden wedding will have a more floral appeal with vibrant colors, and a vintage wedding will have a nostalgic presence highlighted in the images.

You’ll see the editing artistry I use for each image and how it is personalized for each wedding I photograph. The photography style remains the same, however, the image look is personal to your colors, venue, and tastes.

Now check these out!

In some instances, you capture the moment…A guest catches you…And then an awesome pose ensues! PERFECT!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.24.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.24.58 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.25.05 PM


This bride and groom had a choreographed dance, and the brides bustle came undone – They did an amazing job keeping it together without even missing a beat!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.29.12 PM


Genuine laughs are some of my favorite images!  I often review these and catch myself smiling back at them!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.27.19 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.27.27 PM

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.27.56 PM


Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.31.41 PM


The first dances, the father-daughter, the mother-son, and more always leads to tears and tissues…

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.39.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.40.17 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.40.27 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.09.35 PM


And then there’s just good ol’ sneaking up and getting those perfectly imperfect, fun, and enthusiastic moments!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.33.51 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.51.53 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.52.00 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.01.55 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.01.43 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.15.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.11.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.11.27 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.10.29 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.13.33 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.13.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.37.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.43.24 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.44.58 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.45.49 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.50.34 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.53.55 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.55.25 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.55.38 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.56.04 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.56.20 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.56.43 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.56.49 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.05.36 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.07.01 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.07.51 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.08.39 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.08.54 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.09.22 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.09.07 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.10.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.10.39 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.16.07 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.13.10 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.13.16 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.11.46 PM

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.14.42 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.15.00 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.24.08 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.28.32 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.58.45 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.58.52 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.59.00 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.02.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.04.48 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.03.56 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.03.25 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.03.02 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.06.27 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.06.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.11.27 PM




Read it. NOW

I need you guys to read this book. NOW.

Life’s too Short to go so f–king Slow by Susan Lacke.

You can check it out and purchase it here:

Go on. I’ll wait.

In the past five years, I’ve steadily been more and more compelled to live for today. Craving and capturing each moment.

I’m too busy.

I hear this All. The. Time.

I said it too. A lot.

You’re not too busy. You just haven’t made today your priority.

Even as I type this I have a deep seed within my stomach urging me to find my next adventure. I know what it is but it is scary. It. Is. BIG.

Before I indulge in telling you exactly what it is, I want you to read this book. NOW. It’ll take two damn days. And no, you are not too busy.

You will realize “someday” doesn’t exist.

My boss gave me this book. Probably because he hears my constant want for adventure and new ways to challenge myself.

An adventure doesn’t have to be big. It can be a challenge to visit a local park you always drive past and say “someday I should bring the kids there”.


Everyone thought I was crazy to visit a third world, poor country by my damn self. Aren’t you afraid? Aren’t you going to be lonely? I am neither.

How can I be? Look at this view?!

That’s a freakin active volcano!

I’ve gone ziplining through the rainforest whizzing by sloths and monkeys shrieking at my laughter!

I’ve rappelled down a waterfall! Frightened and exhilarated!

“But I can’t afford that”. Your adventure doesn’t have to be traveling far and wide but it can be. If you wait till you feel you have enough money, you’ll be six feet under having done none of what you said will happen “someday”.

PLANNING. All it takes is planning and the drive to want it today instead of “someday”.

Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank. Your adventure can happen near and far. You just have to want it bad enough.

What’s your adventure?

Whether it’s learning to ride a unicycle or traveling solo to a foreign country.

The only day you have is today. Passionately own it NOW.

It’s time for breakfast and then off to conquer the rains along my beach walk. It’s my last day in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida! – the pure life.

Richmond’s BEST Portrait Photographer !

Richmond’s BEST Portrait Photographer

Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps is featured as Richmond’s BEST Portrait Photographer in 2017!

Featured article where Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps is mentioned as one of the 18 features portrait photographers
Richmond’s Best Portrait Photographer in 2017


Yesterday, I received an email from the Director of Community for Their goal is to connect the local community with experts in the area.

They researched 84 portrait photographers in the Richmond area, and chose Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps as 1 out of 18 Best Portrait Photographers in Richmond for 2017.

♥  You can link to the article here:

A little girl hides her eyes with the fabric from her dress showing off the best portrait photographers style

I am absolutely elated !

There are five criteria they use to determine the BEST:

REPUTATION:A history of delighted customers as a signal of outstanding service.

CREDIBILITY:Building customer confidence with licensing, industry accreditation, and awards.

EXPERIENCE:Masters of their craft, based on years of practical experience and education.

AVAILABILITY:Consistently approachable and responsive, so customers never feel ignored.

PROFESSIONALISM:Providing customers a seamless experience both online and off

Photography is a really hard business to break into. There are so many pieces to put together to create the ultimate experience.

Photography isn’t about taking pictures for me. Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps has a few things we do which sets us apart from all the others.

The Client Experience

You are not just a customer to me. You are my client. Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps strives to create an unbelievable client experience. I take such care and time to really get to know you. I want to understand your ideas and identify with your personal tastes. Most of my clients and I have even become good friends! I adore each and every one of them!


As I tell all of my clients, if I’m awake, I’m working! This is so true. It’s 11pm. You have found this amazing idea for your photo shoot and you text me the idea. If I am awake, I will respond. I am always available for your questions, concerns, and ideas. In many of my client’s testimonials, I am applauded for my ability to be there for them. I’ve even had brides call me to vent from the stress and pressure of planning a wedding!


Something you can count on from me is my expertise and professionalism. I have been doing photography for 10 years, and just recently in 2014, decided to start a business. I take great care to evaluate every individual photograph I take. These are not pictures to me.

These are your MOMENTS.

These are your EMOTIONS.

These are your STORIES.

This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I analyze each individual image for quality, lighting, artistry, and editing. Each INDIVIDUAL image gets examined meticulously. Yes, you read that right. A wedding with 4,000 photos gets the same respect and attention for every single image!


These are just a few of the reasons Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps is the Premier Photographer for the Richmond area. If you haven’t already done so, CALL ME. Ask questions! Let’s talk! BOOK a shoot! and like I always say PRINT YOUR PHOTOS !

I hope to see you soon !

And thank you Richmond,, and all of my clients for this recognition. It means so very much to me.

With much love and many thanks,




FREE session

This Father’s Day, June 18th, photo sessions are free !  Only pay for prints, products and full resolution downloads. 

There’s only a few spots left, so email, call or text me!  You must book in advance. 


Call/text 540-894-1532

As you’ve heard me talk about before, it is SO important to print our photos! Display them, share them, or even gift them for the next generation. Our kids and relatives need something to remember us by. And you know that iPhone isn’t going to last 80 years for them to scan through. 

Take advantage of this opportunity!  See you soon!


Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day

FREE Father’s Day Photo Session

Father’s Day is this weekend! Sunday, June 18th. I wanted to offer something really special. A super amazing special… are you ready?

FREE Father's Day photography session with Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps
FREE photography session for Father’s Day

Let’s celebrate Dad, Sunday, June 18th. Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps is offering FREE photography sessions. The sessions start at 8:30am, and continue every half hour until 2pm. You MUST book in advance.

The session fee is FREE. You only pay for prints, products, and/or downloads. Prints start as low as $5.00. Package options available.

SIGN UP NOW to reserve your spot!

Zoom With A View has a really great setup right here in Mechanicsville, VA. Theme options include antique furniture and decor. Bring Dad and give him a gift that lasts for years to come!

Email: OR  Call/text: 540-894-1532

BOOK YOUR TIME SLOT and receive location information and further details!


Talk soon!


Simple black script logo for Zoom With A View, Photography by Tara Chipps



Bridal Spotlight ~ Jackie G.


Bridal Photography Session

This weeks Bridal Photography spotlight is on Jackie G.

I have been waiting very impatiently for their wedding to get here so I can post the images of this beautiful bride. You better be freakin excited to see them! ! !

FINALLY! I can show you how GORGEOUS she is! (I’m getting chills as I write this!)

Take a peak at this. Are you getting excited with me?

Those blue eyes overtake the sky in this image! She’s got a way of being adorable and classy. Fun and Elegant.

Bride peeking over her bouquet with a city landscape background.
Peek-A-Boo Bride

It was May. It had been hot and rainy for most of the month. We opted to do her shoot indoors at Main Street Train Station in Richmond, VA. Have you been there? It really should be on your bucket list for 2017. The architecture, the craftsmanship, and even the smell is nostalgic.

Look at how the historic touches and vintage decor add beauty to this already beautiful bride!

This image right below is one of my favorites. Jackie’s stance and expression give an air of poise and grace. The rich colors draw me in. I want to hang this in MY living room!

Bride leaning against marble mantle of a fireplace.
Bride with Poise and Grace
Black and white image of a bride framed in front of a doorway with patterned arches in the background
An Amazing Entry
Bride looking at her bouquet while seated at a marble top table.
Vintage Misty Haze

Why do a Bridal Photography Shoot?

~ What better way to wear your dress more than once?

~ What better way to feel like a princess for just one more day?

~ It’s a time for you and your photographer to really get to know each other.

~ And most importantly, you get to TEST YOUR DRESS

I learned about Jackie’s family. I learned about her work. We shared laughs and common interests.

I also learned this is her best side.

Side view of bride. Profile with strong vignette
This bride to be let me know this was her best side

And below…, she says, this is not her best side. (Although I think she’s alluring either way.)

Bride looks out the train station window. Her reflection can be seen in the glass.
Contemplative Gaze – her special day is almost here.

As a result of this photography session, I learned she loves her wedding shoes which are Toms.  Thus, I learned I needed to photoshop the logo out.

Bridal Photography Session. Make sure to check your images carefully. Here I had to photoshop the logo gently off the bottom of her shoes.


A major reason to have a bridal photography session is to TEST YOUR DRESS.

The photography session will be approximately 1.5 to 3 hours.  This gives you ample time to wear your dress for a hot minute. You’ll get an idea if your dress needs adjustments, if you can dance in it, if it rubs funny, or if you should be wearing some power-house undergarments. (#iheartspanx)

Every time I photograph a soon-to-be bride, I wish every woman would do one. It’s a moment to really cherish. This is the dress you will wear when two become one.

It’s powerful.

Now take a moment to view the entire gallery HERE.

You’ll see why you should CONTACT ME to book your bridal photography shoot.







print. pRiNt. PRINT your photos

Why you should PRINT your photos.

You hired me. You hired a professional.

Did you hear me?


You paid A LOT of money…. and now your photos are sitting,

still are sitting,

just beyond thy online gallery password protected door.

(I ♥ Poe) – Anyway….
I do it too. I take dozens of images of my kids and then I just leave them on my phone, my camera, my computer….

Why are we being so lazy?

Think about what our children, our grandchildren and their children will have of us?  How will we show them our lives?

Our stories?

Our smiles?

Our moments?

And not just the beautiful, picture perfect times.  Not just your pro photos. Any photos!

I just printed these images below. They represent my #awesomechaos. They show my LIFE. Me. Us.

The precious…

The holidays…



The every day…

Annnnd the not so happy …

These moments are the stories of your life. We take them to share them.

Print your photos. Share your story.






Photography Tip of the Day

Photo of the day and photography tip of the day!

Remember to make sure your venue allows for flash photography!  Some places of worship don’t and you definitely don’t want to find that out last minute.

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