Wedding Investment

I am going to keep this short. As a bride once myself, I realized wedding photography was an investment, not just a cost.

Three major factors to consider when shopping for a wedding photographer was price, images, and editing.

  • Price – I attached a copy of my standard wedding packages. Don’t like them? Call, email or text me.  Nothing is written and stone and I’m always happy to customize.
  • Images – How many do I get, and how do I get them?  Depending on the amount of hours, you can get anywhere from 400 to 1500 images.  You receive FREE full resolution downloads with every package for you, your friends, AND your family.  Want a USB, no problem!  That’s free too.
  • Editing – Every individual photo is analyzed for color, quality, enhancements, and lighting.  I do not batch edit (that’s the application of one standard edit to your entire gallery).  I like to produce imagery tailored to your likes whether it be rustic, antique, vintage, or bold.  You’ll see these various applications on my website.  Once I know your theme, your details, or the look you’re going for, I can determine which edits to apply to each and every photo.
wedding investment
Wedding Package Investment

If none of these packages suit your needs because you want less hours, want to add an album, need one photographer not two… then ASK!  I’m always happy to tailor a package specific to your WANTS and NEEDS.

This is your wedding day.

Your photography should be captured

EXACTLY how you’d like, in the budget you had in mind.



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